Donald Trump had another spectacular week as president in which everything went something we could say if we lived in an alternative universe. In the real universe in which we currently reside, Trump had another awful week in which pols from both sides of the aisle pushed back against his healthcare plan. Samantha Bee pointed out that the only thing more disastrous than Trumpcare is Trump's budget: "Distilling Trump's spittle-flecked campaign jeremiads and incoherent revenge fantasies into policy isn't an exact science, and if it were an exact science, this budget would defund it," she said.

"This kind of sounds like when an insecure guy tries to make his penis look bigger by shaving down everything else around it," she said. "And if you don't buy my d--- metaphor, here's how [Office of Management and Budget director Mick Mulvaney] describes the budget," she added, before showing clips of Mulvaney repeatedly calling it a "hard-powered budget." Watch below as Bee dismantles all the ways in which the budget proves Trump has no "idea what he's doing."

Bee also covered Trump's secret plan for destroying ISIS (you know, the one he doesn't want to talk about as to be more "unpredictable"), which it turns out is just Obama's plan...but....more hardcore? Bee has another idea why he's cribbing off Obama's playbook: "Maybe the generals were too hungry to think of new ideas—is that why you gave them the Meals on Wheels budget?"

As for the comically pompous authority figure behind Trump's ISIS counterterrorism plans, Bee got deep into Breitbart blogger and Alice In Wonderland aficionado Sebastian Gorka. She got particularly angry in light of the London terrorist attack this week. "This is not playtime now," Bee said. "Shit is real. And the White House needs real counterterrorism experts now, not a poor man's Stewie Griffin, whose extremist nonsense could get people killed because our president thinks this sounds smart."