Glenn Beck has been on something of an apology tour, reaching out to various media organizations that he would have previously shunned (such as the NY Times) to apologize for his past extremism and attempt to create some bipartisan solidarity in the wake of Trump's triumph. That apology tour brought him to Full Frontal with Samantha Bee last night.

It may have started with a friendly round of insults ("My audience would like to stab you relentlessly in the eye," Beck said), but eventually grew into an interesting conversation about what they have in common. "I think that our future is going to require a broad coalition of non-partisan decency," Bee said, to a lot of "I agrees" from Beck. "It’s not just individual people against Donald Trump, it’s all of us against Trumpism."

"As a guy who has done damage, I don’t want to do any more damage," Beck said, explaining his reason for talking to the mainstream media lately. "I know what I did. I helped divide—I’m willing to take that. My message to you is, please don’t make the mistakes I made. And I think all of us are doing it. We’re doing it on Facebook, we’re doing it on Twitter. We tear each other apart and we don’t see the human on the other side."

Beck, who described himself as a "catastrophist," argued that Bee and some of the media of the left have adopted "a lot of my catastrophe traits," They close out the segment holding hands ("It feels so creepy," Beck notes), and sharing a "Strange Bedfellows" cake.

In another segment, Bee got into the partisan power grab in North Carolina, where the current GOP governor sought to strip power away from the incoming Democratic governor before he takes office. She also referred to Trump as "a leaky whoopee cushion full of expired cottage cheese who threatens to erode the very foundations of our liberal Democracy," so bonus points for that.

Seth Meyers also covered the North Carolina mess, and found a silver lining that the new governor will still get access to the North Carolina Executive Mansion. "So he can’t do anything, but he gets a mansion and a ballroom?" Meyers said. "Does he also get a typewriter so he can work on his novel?"