Samantha Bee had plenty to cover, unfortunately, after another week filled with increasingly unhinged Trump news. Last night she dug deep into the toxic loyalty Trump demands of his closest advisers and colleagues: "Remember on Gilmore Girls when Paris Geller staffed the school newspaper with her most loyal friends, with no regard for talent-level? It's like that, but with the leader of the free world and nukes," Bee said. "More than experience, knowledge, or the ability to do a credible Paso Doble, the one quality that has mattered for Trump's hires is how quickly they can say yes to him."

Her rundown of all the terrible decisions Trump has made in just two weeks in office was masterful: "It took Richard Nixon three years to compile his enemies list, but in less than two weeks, the Trump team has already called the media 'the opposition party,' fired an acting Attorney General, pressured the Chief of Customs and Border Control into resigning, purged the State Department of seasoned career diplomats, kicked the Director of National Intelligence and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs off the National Security Council, replaced them with some crazy dude he trusts because why not, and accused Lindsay Graham and John McCain, the proprietors of the 66 remaining vertebrae among Senate Republicans, of trying to start World War III. Sorry guys, at the rate Trump's going, you'll probably have to settle for starting World War IV."

In the first segment of the show, Bee tackled the chaos of the "confusing" immigration and refugee ban. "Give Trump's ban some credit," Bee demanded. "It was the of Islamophobia. The Ford Pinto of intolerance. A big fat cocktail of New Coke and Zima poured onto a Microsoft Zune playing an endless loop of the Star Wars prequels Jar Jar Binks scenes."

And Bee also differentiated between immigrants and refugees in another segment: "Immigrants are people who leave their country hoping for a better life," she explained. "Refugees are people who flee their country hoping just to stay alive. Also, refugees don't get to pick where they go, they wait patiently for any country to take them, kind of like how some people spent prom season."