Do you remember Big Balls? That's the rat in the above picture who we met last summer, after a reader sent us a photo of the owner stuffing him in his mouth. The tipster who took the photo told us, "The rat's name is Big Balls. The guy has it written on a piece of paper he shows tourists when they ask." Now, new footage of Sad Rat Man stuffing Big Balls in his mouth have emerged on NYC The Blog. In the first video, it appears he is only kissing/making out with Big Balls, since he doesn't stuff him in his mouth entirely. In the second video, he swills Big Balls in his mouth as if he were wine. Warning: NSFratphobics.

Even though it grosses us out, it seems there are other people who enjoy kissing their rats too—you can even learn how to train them in the art of necking! If anyone has any more information about Sadratman and Big Balls, let us know at