In anticipation of his new film This Big Short (it is getting interesting reviews), Ryan Gosling will make his Saturday Night Live hosting debut this Saturday with musical guest Leon Bridges. Gosling teamed up with Aidy Bryant for a rather unusual set of promos that has more to do with their chemistry than making jokes.

Bryant does her best to play it cool, which turns out to be not very cool at all. It ends up adding a strange, somewhat intimate vibe to what is normally a straightforward joke-joke-joke deal. Adding to the atmosphere, they seem to have filmed this in a poorly lit corner overlooking a public area at 30 Rock filled with a chattering crowd. They may not exactly share a comfortable silence, but it's certainly interesting watching Bryant squirm a little.

"All I ever want to do is wail on my pecs," Bryant declares, a little bit before Gosling hocks a loogie on an unsuspecting baby. That's not a sentence one writes every day.