Awwww... now date!

As some added value to that in-depth Chuck Klosterman piece on Taylor Swift, GQ has now released the below interview between Ryan Adams and Swift, whose album 1989 he just covered and released. Check it out:

Nothing truly groundbreaking is revealed, but it's the first time we've seen the two interacting face-to-face since the release of the cover album, which Swift has supported since day one.

A recent Billboard article delved deeper into the financial side of that deal, and it turns out that—in Swift math—she'll be getting "mere pocket change." Here's the loose breakdown:

As of Oct. 5. And Billboard estimates that publishing royalties for digital album and track sales, audio and video streaming, and radio spins for that period total $81,234. Swift, 25, will get only a portion of that because she worked with six other songwriters on 1989—Max Martin, Shellback, Ryan Tedder, Jack Antonoff, Ali Payami and Imogen Heap—who, along with their publishers, will each get a cut based on their respective publishing deals and song-share splits. Even if Swift kept the whole bundle it wouldn’t buy much in the ritzy Manhattan neighborhood of Tribeca, where she lives. Meanwhile, 40-year-old Adams’ artist royalties from the album total about $152,000.

Perhaps the two can do a small club tour in support of the cover album to make some extra cash. (Please?)

If you hadn't listened to Adams's version of the album yet, we highly recommend it, and you can do so here.