If you're a dog owner or dog babysitter or just a friend of dogs who doesn't want to see any harm come to God's favorite creatures, then you have probably experienced the panicked feeling that comes when one sees (the all too-common sight of) a dog off-leash on the sidewalk. What if it runs away? What if it runs into oncoming traffic in the street?? What if it runs onto the FDR Drive??? Consider this a trigger warning, because in the video below, all of that happens.

The video was taken on August 12th on the East Side around the Kips Bay/Stuy Town area. The video uploader, who was on his bike at the time, had just finished up a tour with NYC Adventure eBike Tours when he and his wife spotted the beautiful idiot dog escaping from its owner's arms.

"My quick reaction was to try and rescue the dog," he wrote. "If you notice at the beginning of the video there is a guy in a black tank top chasing the dog. That is the owner of the dog." Watch below as the dog narrowly avoids getting hit by cars, dodges any humans trying to stop it, and eventually ends up running to Midtown on the FDR Drive.

"After I rescued the dog and returned him back to his owner, we were excepting a big gigantic thank you, but that never happened," the good Samaritan adds. "Basically, guy got the dog, said thanks and walked away. All in 10 seconds. That was the entire ending." Honestly, considering just how badly this could have ended, we'll take it. [h/t Digg]