Oh, the fun to be had on St. Patrick's Day! As this lively video demonstrates, there's no reason to wait until you arrive at the watering hole of your choice to start getting your "Irish" on. Here, for example, are some exuberant St. Patrick's Day revelers en route to NYC, passing the time by racing each other along the luggage racks above the seats:

To be sure, this race was not officially sanctioned by the American Luggage Rack Racing Association [LRRA], and was conducted by amateur jackasses purely for recreational purposes. In a statement, LRRA Commissioner said the organization does "not condone inebriated rack racing" and that amateur rack racing killed five billion brain cells last year alone. In fact, merely watching that video made us feel stupider. Speaking of stupider, here's some footage of the hellish train ride home on St. Patty's Day: