The last time you were snack-hunting after hours in Duane Reade, you were probably alone, drunk-drooling on your dress, and getting your hand stuck in a can of Pringles as you wondered why he hasn't texted yet. Unless you are Rihanna, who does every single thing in life in a way that is cooler than the average human. Even this.

Below, watch as Rihanna strolls through "New York-based Duane Reade" (according to Jezebel), screaming "Munchies!" as she dashes down all the aisles 'cause she don't wanna miss a thing. Speaking of that song, the video closes with it, in a car ride that perfectly portrays that feeling you get when you're with your pals, speeding off from a muchies-refill, and the perfect tune comes across the airwaves. Youth is beautiful.

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If this wasn't for Kimmel, then surely TMZ is trying to get the surveillance footage from the Duane Reade at this very moment. [Stylite via Jezebel via her "friend" who took the video]