Carsten Höller's 102-foot-long slide at the New Museum. You've seen the photos of it, watched as it was installed, and yet the awesomeness that is a GIANT SLIDE in Manhattan has been open to the public for more than 24-hours and you still haven't been? No worries! While everyone and their brother seems to be planning trips to the Bowery this weekend, we can give you a heads up on the experience of sliding down two stories without leaving your desk. Thank you Internet!

So far two pretty good videos taken from inside the slide have popped up online. First, a realtime look at the experience:

Too fast for you? Here is a video of the ride that has been slowed down for your enjoyment:

Note that the lights on the second floor where the slide ends up really are super trippy.

Even though there is "no video allowed" we somehow suspect that there will be a whole lot more of these videos online in the coming weeks.