Triumph The Insult Comic Dog is a comedic weapon best used sparingly, as to not water down or overuse his particular mix of quick witted one-liners and hilarious I-can't-believe-I'm-getting-away-with-this insults. If Triumph lapses too far into cruelty, it doesn't work—but when everyone is onboard with the jokes, it can be gut-busting.

And we have no doubt that one of the greatest Triumph bits ever was when he visited the premiere of Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones back in 2002 at the Ziegfeld Theatre, and mercilessly ripped into the audience there. "It's a big commitment, all these guys standing in line here all this time waiting for the show," he says to one good-natured fan. "How do you explain this to your imaginary girlfriend?"

The segment was so great, they released another couple minutes of outtakes from the shoot, which, oddly, includes a lot of dinosaur humping:

A new Star Wars film is set to be released sometime this month, or something.