Last week's Peter Dinklage-hosted episode of Saturday Night Live was exceedingly silly and filled with physical comedy, with lots of Game Of Thrones jokes, glory hole restaurants, space pants songs, and naked Leslie Jones. And it turns out that even the cut-for-time sketches were pretty silly this time out.

Watch below as the Republican Establishment, including a very orange John Boehner (Beck Bennett) and a very hip Lindsey Graham (Kate McKinnon), tries to woo voters away from Donald Trump by parodying the 1985 Chicago Bears' Super Bowl Shuffle with their own dance, The Establishment Shuffle.

There's no Dinklage to be seen in this sketch, which is perhaps why it was on the chopping block, but we would have loved this as the final sketch of the night rather than that awkward magic show.

Russell Crowe, star of the upcoming The Nice Guys, will host SNL this week with musical guest Margo Price.