Way back in 2006, Kanye West had a vision for a Saturday Night Live-esque adult comedy puppet show—unfortunately, Alligator Boots never made it farther than the pilot stage for Comedy Central. Then last September, behind-the-scenes footage of the show suddenly appeared online... and was removed just as quickly. But as we were reading Grantland's massive Aziz Ansari piece today, we saw a link to that video and decided to check it out. And hey, would you look at that: a pre-sex tape Kim Kardashian shows up wearing Princess Leia's metal bikini.

Considering the fact that all the gossip magazines and sites are all over the fact that Kanye and Kim are now dating (they reportedly saw The Hunger Games last night), and Kim took a walk of shame this morning, and maybe those leaked sex pictures were real, it's kind of bizarre to find this pop up today as well.

More interesting is Kanye's failed show—while it's hard to tell exactly how it would have looked completed, there definitely was some potential there. And it's a lot of fun seeing Kanye loose, poking fun of himself, and acting like more of a goofball than he does these days. So take a quick look before it disappears into the ether of the internet yet again.

[h/t Grantland—sorry to blow up your spot, Grantland]