Everyone knows that Will Ferrell's Elf is one of the three greatest Christmas movies of all time (go ahead and guess what the other two are). Two years ago, a really tall Elf aficionado dressed up as Buddy and ran around midtown in order to recreate scenes from the effortlessly sweet film—and as you can see in the video below, he's back, and just as awkwardly tall as ever.

True story: after dealing with TV cable headaches, Netflix issues and deadbeat DVD players (it's still unclear whether someone did in fact cram 11 cookies into it), my extended family sat down to watch Elf on Christmas eve, just like all loving, Tollhouse Cookie-dough eating families should (disclaimer: I'm Jewish, and I've never actually eaten Tollhouse Cookie-dough, but that only proves the power of this film to unite people across all religions).

Almost halfway through—at the critical scene when Buddy decorates transforms the department store into a palace of paper snowflakes and glittering ornaments—the DVD froze as Ferrell constructed a lego Empire State Building. All hope for a sugar-filled maple syrup Christmas seemed lost...until someone pulled out ANOTHER copy of the film. It was nothing short of an Elf miracle. And it proved that one should always have a backup copy of Elf at hand.