How many people are interested in attending the "Largest Paint Party on Earth" at Webster Hall? Surprisingly, a lot! The party was held this weekend at the venue, and got so big that the FDNY and the NYPD (and their horses) shut it down before any paint even got on attendees' white clothes (we assume that is what happens at these things?). The mass exodus from the venue was described to EV Grieve as a "Douche Parade." Here's a look at the scene on the inside when the presence of the police was announced to attendees:

One commenter on the site said, "I was there, it was horrible! So crowded you couldn't move let alone dance. We left around 1am and they didn't even bring out the paint yet. about 25 mins later the police raided it and made everyone leave. Webster Hall let way too many people in. Also they said online tickets at the door were 25 or 30 but when we got there they were 40." [via Eater]