Everything is coming up rat in 2020: The Original Pizza Rat™ was recently named our official subway mascot in a highly official Gothamist election, it's the Year Of The Rat, and thousands of Twitter users have anointed Pete Buttigieg with the endearing name of Mayor Rat. It's never been a better time to be a rat—and with that added fame comes added pressure.

In a city filled with millions of citizens hungry for a piece of that viral cheese and armed with the latest in smartphone video technology, the average rat needs to do whatever they can to keep in camera-ready shape. And if that means eschewing the usual pizza and carbs for a healthy treat from Sweetgreen, so be it. This health-conscious rat below really puts the "move" in "move over, Pizza Rat."

Sadly, we never get to see just how Salad Rat is able to drag this sensible meal back to its home or detach the lid—but like all good influencers, Salad Rat knows that the implication of eating is more powerful than actually eating on camera. What an inspiration! #SaladRat really puts the "viral infectious diseases" into viral video! A representative from Mike Bloomberg should be reaching out any minute now.

Of course, none of us can be strong forever.