Quentin Tarantino, please never change! On Tuesday night the Pulp Fiction director was in town to premiere his latest movie, Django Unchained, and, well, he really introduced it (as for the movie, we'll have more on that later!). Luckily Gothamist photographer Katie Sokoler was on the scene to capture the rambling magic:

After seeing just how excited Tarantino is to get UNCHAINED you can't tell us you aren't excited as well! C'mon, how can you not love a man who one second says how much he has "finally calmed down" and then moments later scream-introduces his leading man as "First name Jamie, last name Foxx, middle name Motherfucking; ladies and gentleman, let's bring out JAMIE MOTHERFUCKING FOXX!"

For the full introduction, Vulture has your transcript right here. If this whole movie thing doesn't work out for him there is clearly a career for him in sports announcing.