Necrophilia's so hot right now. We're all super-stoked for the city's best pervy haunted nightclub—brought to you from the people behind the pervy disturbing nightclub The Box—to open October 15th, so check out this arguably SFW video to get a taste of what awaits you within this "erotic nightmare fantasyland created especially for Halloween season."

We haven't felt such a confusing mix of arousal and dread since Scarlett Johansson said she's coming to Broadway. Sure, it costs upwards of $39.99, but the publicist assures us it will "be VERY cool. It’s 3 floors. First, people will go into hell, and people will have to physically walk through coffins to get into hell. That’s why there is a big funeral theme in the video because everyone has to enter hell to get into purgatorio. At purgatorio is where The Box will do their normal burlesque show that they put on in the LES. After purgatorio they enter heaven where there will be angels and go-go boys dancing the rest of the night away." Which is exactly what we've always hoped would await us in the old China Club heaven!