NYC-based musician, street performer, and puppeteer RicKy Syers pulled off a drum performance for the ages with his Peart and parcel hippy-rocker marionette rendition of Rush's "Tom Sawyer."

Sure, it might be a little wooden; it might even seem a little rushed at times. But there's no doubt that this modern day warrior nailed it with a mesmerizing performance that makes Whiplash look like a 7/8 time signature in a 4/4 world.

"A little puppet and props I made and didn't expect them to actually work! But here's Chops tryin to get through Rush's Tom Sawyer!" Syers wrote. Watch below and get ensnared by the puppet prog.

We feel like Brooklyn's happiest headbanger watching this. At the very least, it certainly got us out of the doldrums.

[h/t Tastefully Offensive]