Video: Prince Would Be Proud Of These Subway Buskers

Prince on the subway
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Prince (Shutterstock) subway photo by Jill Slater

With the exception of an unstoppable death metal moment or sax battle, I truly dread being trapped inside a train car with someone playing music. Music is meant for headphones, full stop! Which makes it all the more remarkable on the very rare occasions when I see a video and think, "man I WISH I could have witnessed that in person." And that's how I felt seeing the video below of two subway buskers absolutely nailing Prince's "Kiss" on the subway this week.

One of those performers, as uploader Jay Smooth later pointed out, is musician Jessica Betts, who is no stranger to subway busking (the background of her website's contact page is even of the subway).

Here's another video of Betts performing "Kiss" on the subway a few months ago:

If you're wondering what the exact opposite of this performance is, just click play below.

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