Did you really think we'd be able to close the door on 2016 without Pizza Rat, the worst rat in New York City history, making an unwelcome appearance? PR was spotted getting intimate with a slice of pizza on the subway tracks at Fulton Street this week. Whether or not this is the same Pizza Rat that stole a-pizza our cold dead hearts last year, who could know—Zardulu can't possibly be everywhere, can she?

Every time one of these videos pops up, I'm left with the same questions: why doesn't it just eat the slice right there? Why is it trying to drag it away? Where is it even taking it? Do rats really care that much about their families/communities? Will it even realistically be able to get it back in one piece? Wouldn't a more modestly-sized piece of tasty garbage be easier to transport, in that case? And most importantly, why did Charlize Theron run in a straight line at the end of Prometheus? Why?!?!? [h/t Reddit]