Have you ever been to SPiN, the surprisingly trendy Ping-Pong club on Park Avenue and East 23rd Street? It is a very strange place. You already know about their Susan Sarandon connection, and that polished stainless steel Ping-Pong table with a glass net worth $60,000 in their sweet back room. They also have decent upscale bar food, and lots of tables in the main space which you can rent for $30 per hour per table. Nothing extraordinary there—what's shocking about SPiN is the clientele.

We recently visited for a "black tie" all star Ping-Pong event hosted by TV's Judah Friedlander, and found the place packed with pretty young things (plus Heather Graham) (kidding, she's still got it!) lounging around watching dudes play table tennis. You couldn't toss a ball in there without hitting a model. If we'd known women were so impressed by Ping-Pong, we never would have made the ill-advised jump from table tennis to Nintendo. Check out this short video by Gregory Stefano if you don't believe us:

They even play Ping-Pong, too! One of the best was Sooyeon Lee, a professional table tennis player and model, who hit the ball around wearing crystal-embellished stiletto heels and a strapless dress. SPiN also flew in the two of the world's best ping pong players for the event, Mikael Appelgren and Jan-Ove Waldner. How they stayed focused on the ball with all those distractions in the bleachers (yes, bleachers!) remains a mystery.