A couple's Central Park wedding photo shoot was pleasantly interrupted Saturday when actor and friendly famous person Tom Hanks inserted himself in the scene for a few quick selfies. Hanks had been out for a jog when he spotted newlyweds Elisabeth and Ryan posing for photos, stopped, and introduced himself.

"I had the couple pose near the reservoir," photographer Meg Miller told the Daily News. "He just walked up to us and took off his hat and glasses and said, 'Hi, I'm Tom Hanks.'"

The serendipitous encounter was all caught on video. Don't you just love New York in the fall?

Hanks can be heard saying, "I am an ordained minister, if the guy cancels just let me know." The ceremony was already over, however, so Hanks settled for a selfie, which he later posted on Twitter. He told the couple: “Ryan, you’re a lucky man... Elizabeth, you’ve done well for yourself.” Then he simply kept running.