Photo by Matt Evans

Yesterday, just after the location of Banksy's new piece was discovered in Red Hook, people were complaining about graffiti writer Omar bombing it—scribbling over the broken-hearted balloon and adding his tag next to it. A tipster who witnessed him sent us an email around 3 p.m.:

"I went down to Red Hook and saw Banksy's piece this afternoon right before it got tagged over. I was 'interviewed' by someone saying they were with the Daily News and had a long talk about Banksy and how I felt about covering up other peoples work. He apparently was just fronting and was an accomplice with OMAR, from conversations and photos I've seen on instagram since it got tagged over."

Others Instagrammed their outrage, and unmasked him:

Adding layers or interesting contributions to the wall is expected and perfectly fine, but Omar is just spray painting the pieces in the most unoriginal way possible, in what appears to be a transparent fit of jealousy. "Marcia Marcia Marcia! Banksy Banksy Banksy!" etc. Here he is at "work":

Since he scribbled on the piece yesterday afternoon, someone has called Omar out by adding: "is a jealous little girl" under his name tag, and "Omar is a punk" off to the side.