Earlier this year filmmaker Colby Moore delivered a beautiful and dark look at NYC, packaged up in a two minute montage. Now he's back to spread a little sunshine onto our screens, telling us, "I recently shot a slightly more upbeat, summer-themed montage, entitled 'Apple In The Sun.'" Locations include the subway, Roosevelt Island, East River Ferry, Coney Island, Union Square, East Village, Chinatown, Manhattanvile, Tenderloin (Grand Central), and Times Square... but don't let those bold-faced locations take away from the co-star of this two-minute film: the soundtrack. Which kind of sounds like the theme song to a kind of bad 1980s TV movie? But in a good way.

Moore told us this was "all filmed in the last month or so, across several days and evenings out and about. The Coney Island stuff was the day of the mermaid parade, although I didn't wind up getting any real mermaid footage." And for the camera nerds, Moore told us, "This one isn't in HDR, but I did shoot it in RAW on a Canon 5D Mk. II using the now infamous Magic Lantern hack. It's pretty cool being able to walk around the city with a 5-year old camera that won't even raise an eye."