We were content to let Patrick Stewart's adorable lobster costume stand without context—why wouldn't a grown man don a lobster costume and sit in a bathtub? But the venerable actor revealed to the Daily Show last night that his lobster impersonation almost didn't happen because he's worn out from his career of wearing costumes.

"I'm an actor, we don't put on costumes," Sir Patrick had told his wife. "We leave that to civilians because we spends our days wearing costumes. No! No costume!" Stewart's wife, singer Sunny Ozell, knew better than to listen to him; she found the costume online and ordered it. As soon as it came out of the box "I had to put it on!" Stewart exclaimed.

Costume backstory aside, the laugh-filled interview boils down to one quote about Stewart's philosophy regarding his social media precense: "We have fun with this and if it makes us laugh then we like to share it with the world." And for that, we thank you Professor.