The New York Aquarium on Coney Island has gotten their own little orphan Annie: a sea otter named Tazo. Animal keeper Nicole Pisciotta has has been acting as his surrogate mom after he was orphaned in Alaska this summer. The 5-month-old has bonded with Pisciotta over that time—she says, "We've seen lots of animals born here, but they have their mothers to take care of them. To basically raise him has been amazing." According to the Daily News, the 32-year-old spent 10 days at the Alaskan SeaLife Center learning to take care of Tazo, and on their flight back to Brooklyn she says, "He just wanted to be on my lap the entire time."

Tazo, who is now 27 pounds, isn't on view to the public yet, but should be by the end of the year—for now, check out these videos: