Besides the occasional Citi Bike trip and his upcoming cameo in Woody Allen's new film, we haven't heard much from Louis C.K. in recent months. Louie won't be back until May 2014 and he has no US tour dates lined up, so getting a chance to revisit his 2011 standup special, Live At The Beacon Theater, in animated form is the next best thing. Check out the hilarious clip below, which brilliantly turns a bit from that show into a cartoon ala The Ricky Gervais Show.

You can see the original stand-up bit below:

This isn't the first time C.K. has entered the world of animation: there was the depressingly epic Charlie Brown/Louis C.K. mashup, this (slightly cruder) animated version of his bit about turning 40, and best of all, the below video which comes from the pilot for a sketch-comedy series commissioned by HBO.

[h/t Reddit]