A Haitian singer who goes by the stage name ‘Naiika Sings’ managed to get a train full of subway commuters to belt out Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You" on a recent Tuesday night. There are plenty of things to gripe about during a subway commute, but this isn't one of them:

“Man when she parted her lips after that first note... I stopped my music and turned all the way around! In my head I’m saying ‘What kind of witchcraft?’” said Donnie Leslie, a resident of Jamaica, Queens who took the video. “She was literally floating on a Michael Jackson song. How many people can do that? I HAD to show other people this magic.”

Sings has been busking for over two years, and takes an amplifier and microphone with her everywhere she goes. She says her performances are unplanned and based on the energy subway commuters are giving her that day.

"There are so many people hurting in the city, walking around... stoic, or you can see the pain on their faces," Sings explains in the video below. "We can heal each other. I can heal myself through the music, and hopefully bring joy to someone else, and have that sense of connection."

Footage of her recent performance that @LuxeNoirr shared on Twitter has now gone viral, and the unanticipated fame has overwhelmed Sings. When she turned on her phone the next day, the amount of followers she had on social media had tripled. “I felt shocked. It almost felt traumatizing,” she told us.

Sings plans to use the cash she raised that night to help fund her musical endeavors. You can catch her singing on the A,D, and E trains, if you’re lucky. Feel free to dance.