Not even a full day has passed and already some fresh graffiti tags are now dotted around the newly-whitened 5 Pointz in Long Island City. Most lack the colorful flare of the originals, but one bold mural produced by curator Meres One and other collaborators serves as the final cap on 5 Pointz illustrious legacy.

Because the demolition will take place over the course of many months, owner/developer Jerry Wolkoff said he wanted to white-out 5 Pointz first, to save fans a slow and agonizing demise. DNAinfo has several photos of the new graffiti, most of it angry, directly or indirectly addressed towards Wolkoff. Among them: "You destroyed our home," "This was an act of hate," "Jerry, I will never forgive you," and "We want to win just once."

Here's a YouTube video showing what purports to be the "last mural at 5 Pointz," done by curator Meres One and others on a door across the street.