We've all seen dumpster pools, and even a guy living in a dumpster, but let's all agree that we can take this dumpster thing further still. Dumpster culture hasn't fully developed, not until we all have a dumpster we literally call home. And with that, we urge you to support this Kickstarter for the Inflato Dumpster.

These New Yorkers want to "create an inflatable learning space inside of a dumpster that is open to all," noting that "public space in New York [has] become increasingly privatized and commodified." Their Inflato Dumpster will be opened for five days this fall—"we aim to take advantage of the mobile, temporary nature of the Inflato Dumpster to pop-up in areas that we love, neighborhoods where we live and around the people and communities that we know." Okay, just let us know when we can live in one.

For now, Joaquin Reyes (co-founder of the project, along with John Locke) told us, "I think we are going to push the boundaries for what a dumpster can be used for. It would be amazing to find other uses such as redesigning them into living space."