Commutes can be a funny thing, filled with crazies and worse. Everyone's got their transit pet peeves too, like ours: the people who seem positive that if they don't blast their music at top volume they'll miss something really important. But while we have no patience for the blaster, it has one variation we can totally get behind: The singer. The person so moved by whatever they are listening to that they can't help but get into the groove and want the world to get in there with them. People like this guy:

Taken at 8 a.m. on a Jersey City bus, the video shows a man who really feels the Katy Perry tune coming out of his disc man (also! Disc men!). In the words of the video's poster "It was pretty much the best bus ride ever!" Without a cup of coffee we can see not loving such an impromptu concert, but we've already had two this morning and right now we're loving this guy. He can teach that Atlantic City casino rapper a thing or two. California Gurls singing man, we salute you!