Coral and Bernie; photo by Julie Larsen Maher/WCS

Age ain't nothing but a number, at least for two harbor seals at the New York Aquarium. Coral, a 3-year-old seal, recently shacked up with Bernie, a 23-year-old seal who hasn't had contact with his kind in ages. Jon Dohlin, the aquarium's director, told the Daily News: "It was our opportunity to get him a companion of his own species. It was our hope they would show interest in each other. I think Bernie was taken aback by the whole thing and wanted to find out what was this strange animal that looked something like him... he was busy checking her out."

And like any May-December relationship, the new companionship has been attributed to Bernie's change in attitude—he's allegedly more active and has perked up. Or as Dohlin put it, "He's the Tony Randall of harbor seals. He's got himself a young lady and he's really come alive."

Bernie is expected to live to around 30-years-old, and in his remaining years there are hopes that he'll become a father.