Around midnight, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus came into Manhattan with its traditional procession of elephants, other animals and performers through the Queens Midtown Tunnel towards Madison Square Garden. Kelly Loudenberg was on the scene and captured comments from the circus as well as protesters. She also writes:

City Council Member Rosie Mendez has introduced legislation to ban wild animal acts. The legislation would prohibit the display of wild or exotic animals for public entertainment or amusement. Recently, the Bronx Zoo decided that they would be closing their elephant exhibit after the death of one or two of its three aging elephants. John Philips, executive director for The League of Humane Voters says, "Not even the Bronx Zoo can provide for elephants' needs, why should we expect that Madison Square Garden can?"

Tom Alpert, who handles animal policy and government relations for Ringling Bros. insists that the animals are well taken care of.

Also, check out photographs from photobymatt, FlavaDave, kirby10011.