The latest in the Batman canon, The Dark Knight, is poised to be next summer's blockbuster hit, and ex-Brooklynite/current Manhattanite Heath Ledger seems to be stealing the show. A trailer recently came out with plenty of focus on Ledger's Joker character, and you can watch it below (MTV also has a shot-by-shot analysis). Does he outshine Jack Nicholson's 1989 Joker? We're excited to see this new take on the crime clown.

As with 2005's Batman Begins, most of The Dark Knight's Gotham City was filmed in Chicago. According to the movie's IMDB page, Gotham City has been likened to both New York and Chicago, as well as Detroit and New Jersey. Architecturally designed after New York City, where Batman lived until 1941, this tourist map states it was created to resemble “Manhattan below 14th Street at 11 minutes past midnight on the coldest night in November.” Read more about the history of the fictional Gotham and its ties to the real New York, here.