The Observer points us to a new exhibit opening at the Whitney this month. "Television Delivers People" will feature video works from the 1970s to present day. The will be work from Alex Bag, Dara Birnbaum, Joan Braderman, Keren Cytter, Kalup Linzy, Richard Serra (yes, that Richard Serra), Michael Smith, and Ryan Trecartin. "The exhibition borrows its title from Richard Serra's video Television Delivers People (1973), which playfully pairs a Muzak soundtrack with a scrolling list of statements describing the manipulative strategies and motivations imbedded in television by corporate advertisers." You can watch that video below, and there is more on Serra's video art work, here:

How are you, as a viewer, shaped by television? The DVR list is always telling, but this exhibit will have you thinking outside of the cable box. "Television Delivers People" opens on December 12th and runs through February 17th.