Seems as though the Staten Island Ferry riders have had enough of the preachers that give unsolicited sermons during their daily commutes. Today one of them stood up to a preacher, and garnered much applause for the act.

The Ferry Forum has been abuzz about the preachers, and today one poster explained the above video: "This morning I'm sitting in the back of the boat and the preacher is preaching telling us what sinners and how the USA exports more pornography than anything else blah, blah...a woman walks up to him and tells him keep going the sinners are in the front of the the whole back end erupts in applause for this lady." The preacher then told the commuters (amongst them the woman's children) that this woman was leading them to sin.

Last Fall The NY Times noted that in the past year "the No. 1 ferry-related issue called into the city’s 311 complaint line involved onboard preachers." One Ferry Forum poster ponders another solution, wondering "why some poor slob with a horrible hangover hasn’t already had one of these preachers swimming…".