For Phish fans, the following footage could be the most important and telling 1 minute and 35 seconds of the past four years. The band reunited just three days ago right here in New York City, where they haven't played since they unleashed a killer "Wilson" from atop the marquee of the Ed Sullivan theater while filming for the Late Show with David Letterman (video).

While the performance was private, taking place at friend/former road manager Brad Sand's wedding, it's only escalating the rumors that the band will reunite. They allegedly played three of their old songs ("Suzy Greenberg," "Julius" and "Waste"), and Police drummer Stewart Copeland also performed. What are the fans saying? This thread at Glide is pretty hilarious--and one skeptic will crush any dreams you have of noodle-dancing to Junta anytime soon, saying, "It was 3 songs people…for a dear friends wedding. It was not that big of a deal. As if the boys haven't ALREADY jammed in Trey’s barn…you guys DO REALIZE this can happen without anyone knowing?" Whatever; the Braphecy is fulfilled! Time to malnourish your dog and start mixing up your finest bunk molly, wooks!