MTV is getting all old school and reporting on relevant music! The channel traveled all the way to Brooklyn for a piece on bands closely associated with the Todd P scene. Best of all, they declare Manhattan's LES dead! Not a great way to promote their new vLES, we suppose.

The network focuses on some great Brooklyn-based bands: Grizzly Bear, Dirty Projectors, The Muggabears...bands many music fans have been embracing for quite some time now. And it's cute how the musicians involved speak so fondly of each other; the piece comes off as one big lexical group hug! But when it comes to Viacom, Dave Longstreth has the best pull quote from the piece, as he declares to MTV that they all got to where they are now without a helping corporate hand, and all of these bands they are reporting on share an "aesthetic of, just like, f*ck this we can do it ourselves, we're not represented by MTV."