The big season premiere for today might be Weeds for adults, but for kids - and their parents - it was surely this morning's Sesame Street season premiere. And we've been eagerly awaiting it, as it had the "Law Order: Special Letters Unit" segment! We bring you the clip via YouTube, and boy, is it great. Not only is there a funny looking duck puppet, the characters totally refer to the Law & Order noise as "Chung Chung."


What was interesting is that the Captain called the Stabler muppet "Meloni," but called the Munch muppet "Munch - probably wanted to stick to "M" names (the Benson muppet would surely be "Mariska). And as to why Ice-T Detective Tutuola isn't included, we would like to guess that it's because he has no "M's" in his name (though his real name is Tracy Marrow) versus being an old school gangsta rapper.