In anticipation of tomorrow night's Law & Order episode about a the meltdown of a Mel Gibson-esque celebrity (Chevy Chase says sugartits!), we present you the video of chirpy Elisabeth Hasselback's complaint about a Law & Order SVU episode, via Best Week Ever. In the episode, a character named Elizabeth Hassenback was raped twice and murdered. So Elisabeth took time to call the executive producer of L&O SVU Neal Baer and relayed the conversation on The View. We liked this exchange:

Joy: Could it have been a coincidence?

Rosie: I don’t know, if they had Rosie O’Connell, an overweight lesbian talk show host, I might go “Maybe it’s me!”

Please, L&O, make a Rosie O'Connell character who kills her looney co-hosts on a morning talk show! Rosie O'Connell, meet Detective Goren!

And we saw that SVU episode, but all we can remember was shirtless Stabler. Yowza.