The above clip is as frustrating as it is intriguing. The footage is of Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Lucien Carr, Mary Frank and children Pablo and Andrea, as well as Lucien's wife Francesca Carr and their three sons, Simon, Caleb and Ethan. Shot in New York in the summer of 1959 at the Harmony Bar & Restaurant at E 9th Street and 3rd Avenue, the footage is all silent (that's the frustrating part, however - it is somewhat fitting).

If you don't have five minutes to watch the above clip, here's a shorter (and better quality) version. And as mentioned a while back, there's also a clip of Kerouac on The Steve Allen Show (also shot in 1959).

Some history on two of the above: In 1944 Lucien Carr killed a man he thought was stalking him. After dumping the body in the Hudson River, Kerouac helped get rid of the evidence in Morningside Park.