Two weeks ago, we posted about a video showing how to steal a bike. Good Day New York wanted to get in on the action, so they had some people demonstrate it on the show this morning - only for it to go totally haywire in a brilliant, planned fake blood way and spook reporter Jodi Applegate away from stories on the Internet for good. Gawker has a description of the segment, which has made it's way to YouTube.

And here's a reminder from Transportation Alternatives:

To everyone who worries about your bike being stolen:

Contact New York City Council Member Erik Martin Dilan, Chair of the Housing and Buildings Committee:

and ask that he convenes a hearing on Intro 38-2006, which would mandate that commercial building owners allow tenants to bring their bikes inside. It's a commonsense bill that would greatly improve bike commuting in NYC, and by extension, the quality of life of all New Yorkers as getting more people on bikes means less people on over- crowded sidewalks and subways, less people in cars, and less pollution, noise and traffic congestion, too!

Without public support, CM Dilan will not hold a hearing on Intro 38.

And have you seen the new Fox 5 website? It's MyFoxNY and it's MyFoxTerrible.