The Journal-Times of Racine, Wisconsin has a great video feature on the Wagner Company which makes Festivus Poles. Wagner typically produces railings, which is probably why making a Festivus pole is so easy. They are 100% aluminum and come in a 6 foot floor model as well as a 2 foot 8 inch table top model. And check out how you can take care of the surface:

Surface Finish: In keeping with the precepts of Festivus, the Festivus Pole is to be "unadorned and lusterless". As such our Festivus Poles are provided unfinished -- as extruded -- and you might see die lines and occasional scratches in the surface. Unfinished aluminum will develop a layer of oxidization that may come off as black on your hands while handling. If you wish to avoid this issue, you may coat your Festivus Pole with any commercially available car wax product but you could be crossing the line by being too concerned with outward appearances.

Fun fact: Tony Leto of Wagner went to Queens College with Jerry Seinfeld and, after seeing the Festivus episode, he bought the domain name for!

Remember, Festivus is celebrated tomorrow, although it can be celebrated at other times. Airing of Grievances and Feats of Strength are on the agenda. For more on Festivus, check out Allen Salkin's book, Festivus: The Holiday for the Rest of Us.

For last minute Christmas ideas, there is always the Human Fund (via your pal Matt):