Earth Day may have passed, but there are many ways you can be eco-conscious. Take fashion, for instance. Videographer Kelly Loudenberg gives us a look a few eco-fashion approaches:

Last week, the Emerging Green Builders of New York presented the “Project Earth Day” fashion show, an eco-friendly fashion event celebrating Earth Day. Designs ranged from re-worked used clothing to new clothing made from organic or recycled fibers. Runway designer Amber Nelson said, “We tried to create as little waste as possible. We used old shipping pallets to support the stage which is a 100% recycled surface made out of coke bottles and milk jugs.”

And last month, at Victoria Secret’s Victory Party, Radical Performance Group presented a fashion show. Activist Lauren Larken of RPG says, “You can be sexy and fashionable for free. You don’t have to spend money to look great. It’s Freegan sexy.” Designs ranged from latex evening wear to hand-crocheted swimsuit tops to bike bikinis to colorful grocery bag gowns. There was also “regular street wear” for the more practical person.

Do you have any eco-fashion tips? Here's more about the Project Earth Day fashion show from Inhabitat, Treehugger recommends East 6th Street boutique gominyc, The Green Loop is an eco-fashion site.