Shine a Light, the film documenting The Rolling Stones show at Beacon Theater in 2006, is about to hit the big screen. And the really, really big screen. The Martin Scorsese-directed rockumentary will be in both regular and IMAX theaters this April, and it won't be the first time Mick Jagger's lips have reached epic proportions; the band recorded their first IMAX concert in the early '90s. Check out the trailer for the latest one, below.

With a behind-the-scenes view we learn that the band thinks the cameras might be annoying, and there's a danger of the lights possibly setting them on fire! Scorsese and Jagger certainly play out their roles of two creative old timers, at times butting heads but in the end getting what they want (or at least, what they need). And Jagger didn't go up in flames, so that's a success right there.

The concert was a celebration for Bill Clinton's birthday, and sadly ended up being the scene where founder of Atlantic Records, Ahmet Ertegun, suffered a brain injury that later killed him.