"Speedy," starring Harold Lloyd as a less-than-safe NYC driver, was released in 1928 and illustrates how New Yorkers gained their reputation as being somewhat reckless. The above clip features Babe Ruth himself requesting Lloyd the cabbie to get him to Yankee stadium in a hurry, and then soon regretting it as Speedy is more interested in chatting up his sports idol than keeping his eyes on the road.

The film was Harold Lloyd's last to be released in theaters and one of the few movies to be nominated in the soon-eliminated Best Director of a Comedy category at the Academy Awards. The scene where the horse-drawn bus carriage crashing into an elevated train pillar was caught unintentionally, but made the final cut of the film. The movie was shot entirely on location on the streets of NYC, and while some of the editing has vehicles jumping from borough to borough instantaneously, it's a great look at New York in the Roaring '20s.