Did you happen to catch Stephen Colbert announce his candidacy for President of the United States of America? The NY Times reports he's planning to run in South Carolina primaries, and that he's "serious enough about the stunt that his staff reached out to the state’s Democratic and Republican committees in advance of his declaration." The S.C. Democratic committee says they'd have no problems with him running.

Colbert already has his own tv show, a comic book, an ice cream, a minor league hockey team's mascot named after him...even infiltrated Maureen Dowd's NY Times column! Perhaps this was the only way he could outdo himself. Raising the bar even still, he said "he said he hoped to run as both a Democrat and a Republican."

No one seems to understand the motivation behind his announcement, but it couldn't hurt in the promotion of his book I Am America (and So Can You!). Check out how it went down on Tuesday:

The South Carolina primary is expected to be held on Jan. 26. Would you vote Colbert? And tonight, his guest is Craig Newmark of craigslist.