Over the weekend yet another production of the Andrew Lloyd Webber classic, Cats, closed. This hipster-ized version of the legendary musical used American Apparel styling for their look, and it all went down on Broadway...that's 1100 Broadway in the 11211 zip code. ArtCal points out that because the original Cats "ran parallel with corporate and municipal efforts to 'clean up Broadway' for big business," these hipster cats may be trying to make a point. Though they add they may not know what, exactly, as the troupe operates "in a mode of an ironic traipsing around social issues while remaining politically invested in... something."

From their press release:

Set on the border between Bed-Stuy and Bushwick...Cats on Broadway brings together an all-volunteer cast of performers, musicians, stagehands, and designers to reflect the emotional conflicts of the gentrification of Brooklyn while satirizing both the utopian reform schemes and self-pitying nihilism often associated with the artists responsible for gentrification’s “first wave.”

The Village Voice

has some great photos from the show, and if you feel like you missed out -- they may be back. Cats have 9 lives, after all. We're just hoping they don't come back as LOLCats on Broadway.