So this band the Arctic Monkeys don't seem to be going anywhere, even if Brooklynite "the Mooch" tries his darndest to take down the Brit poppers. We just received the 3rd installment of a 5 part series in which "the Mooch" champions America, doo wop and "rock & roll truth," all while heckling the band and their fans.

On "the Mooch's" YouTube page, he's got a great video of an old Coney Island which we also suggest you watch. Of course, the rest is all just part of the video viral marketing trend that seemed to take off around the time of Ok Go's now famous treadmill video. Couldn't these clever little Arctic Monkey's think of a better name to give this stereotypical Brooklyn character? "The Mooch"...seriously? Guess it could be a take on Diff'rent Strokes bully "The Gooch," who was eventually taken down (though not by a skinny-panted hipster band).